Church Committees

Secondary Title

The Children's Committee is responsible for developing and updating guidelines that ensure a safe, Christ-centered, and fun-filled environment that includes Biblically sound teaching in coordination with the Director of Preschool and Children’s Ministry.

The Flower Committee secures appropriate flowers for church services or holiday occasions.

The Historical Committee preserves the church records and, from time to time, compose a history of the church.

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for church functions of a general nature, such as fellowships, receptions, and church-wide banquets.

The Intercessory Prayer Committee encourages prayer support of the church and its ministers and staff, ministry organizations, and membership, and also maintain a schedule of intercessory prayer during all worship services.

The Kitchen Committee is responsible for the function of the church kitchen, maintaining kitchen equipment, and supervising the use of the kitchen.

The Missions Committee promotes missions through church organizations and programs, through church-approved mission offerings, and works with mission efforts sponsored by the church.

The Nursery Committee gives direction for quality care and teaching for the children in coordination with the Associate Pastor of Education, Sunday School Director, and Nursery teachers.

The Properties Committee shall oversee the administration and upkeep of the grounds and buildings.

The Recreation Committee helps plan and promote recreation through all the organizations of the church and recommends policies relating to the use of the Christian Activities Center.

The Survey & Planning Committee works with the pastor in planning and proposing a long-range development program and timetable for the church, which would serve as basic guidelines for property improvement and expansion of the church plant and facilities.

The Transportation Committee works with the Custodial/Maintenance employee to ensure proper maintenance and repair of all church-owned vehicles.